Candy Store Cup

2011 Candy Store Cup

Forget the race for the Auld Mug... On June 9, the race took off with Silver Cards on the line!

2011 Entries:

Boat Name    Boat Type                    Owner                        Rating
Vesper             Botin & Carkeek 52        James Swartz                    1.381
Vanquish          Reichel Pugh 65            All American Offshore Team  1.529
Shockwave        Reichel Pugh 72            George Sakellaris                    1.580
mar mostro       Juan K. Volvo 70           Kenneth Read                       1.652
Rambler100     Juan K. 100                  George David                      1.877  

Open to all boats over 50' LOA with an endorsed IRC Certificate, the Candy Store Cup is a pursuit style, 40 mile race starting and finishing in historic Newport Harbor with a party to follow at the world-renowned Candy Store.

With a $5,000 entry fee* and one year's worth of drinks at the Candy Store for the winning boat on the line, the 2011 Candy Store Cup was a high-octane adventure for the biggest and best boats around.  The boats rocketed around the course with an average wind of close to 17 knots in perfect sea breeze conditions.  With Vanquish off the line first at 1300 and Shockwave starting 7 minutes behind, they both took off upwind on their way out of Narragansett Bay.  Looking over their shoulders, they could see the massive PUMA mar mostro and her signature cat breathing heavily, itching to chase them down.  With a start time of 13:16:49, mar mostro had a lot of ground to make up on the kids of the All American Offshore Team (Vanquish) and the well trained crew aboard George Sakellaris's Shockwave.  Mar mostro mowed them both down and took the lead just over 60% of the way through the race and battled fiercely the rest of the way to hold off George David's Rambler 100.  Ultimately, the PUMA Volvo 70 team crossed the line with Rambler fast approaching, beating them by just under 2 minutes.  What a sight to see two of the best teams in yachting in a gybing duel from Castle Hill to the finish.  Congrats to PUMA and the crew aboard mar mostro.  You battled hard and won Silver Cards for your team!

Start times: Finish times:
Vanquish 13:00:00 16:48:27
Shockwave 13:07:18 16:40:20
PUMA mar mostro 13:16:49 16:26:38
Rambler 100 13:41:53 16:28:28

Watch a replay of the race on Kattack!

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*All fees collected will be recognized as tax deductible donations to be split between Sail Newport and the 2011 Sail for Pride beneficiaries (the Wounded Warrior Project and the Rhode Island Red Cross Service to Armed Forces Fund).