MetreFest Dockage

Thank you for registering for dockage with Sail Newport for MetreFest!  We're happy to offer berthing to all competitors on a first-come basis during this exciting event.  Please fill out the form below to reserve space with us at Rhode Island's Public Sailing Center! This registration covers competitors' berthing only during Metrefest, arrivals no sooner than daybreak Thursday, June 8, 2017, departures no later than sunset on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

Please be aware that Sail Newport is on State and Federal Land on which no open alcohol containers are allowed.  Your vessels are your property and you are welcome to enjoy your post-racing libations on board, but no consumption is allowed on the floating docks, piers or in the parking lot.  Areas where social events are permitted to serve alcohol are also available for your enjoyment and relaxation.  Please refrain from all drinking of alcohol in areas not permitted accordingly.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding dockage during this event; including additional reservations leading to or beyond MetreFest, please reach out to our dockmaster, Nick Mauprivez. 

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1. SAIL NEWPORT reserves the right to assign dockage in accordance with the specifications of each boat.  Consumption of alcohol is NOT ALLOWED on the docks, piers or parking lots.  Lessee agrees to consume alcohol ONLY in areas designated as social areas, and on their own property.

2. Lines, fender boards, and fenders for securing vessels shall be provided by Lessee and shall be of such size and quality as to secure the boat safely for the protection of others. Boats left insecurely tied, in the opinion of the Lessor, may be secured by the Lessor and Lessee shall pay for the services of the Lessor accordingly. This provision does not impose any duty or obligation on the Lessor. All fenders shall be secured to the boat, not the float. Dinghies shall be secured in a manner acceptable to the Lessor, and in such a way as to not obstruct the free passage of other boats. All boats shall be tied up in a manner acceptable to the Lessor or shall be removed from the SAIL NEWPORT SAILING CENTER (SNSC) forthwith after oral notification.

3. It is understood between the parties that the Lessor shall incur no liability of any nature for damage to the vessel, property or personal injury of the Lessee, crew or guests resulting from any act of God, the improper, inadequate (or otherwise) securing of Lessee’s or any other vessel at the SAIL NEWPORT SAILING CENTER, or from the passage of any vessel, object or otherwise by or into the Sailing Center, which may result in damage to personal property or personal injury. Lessee does further hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor, the R.I. Department of Environmental Management (DEM), the State of Rhode Island, their agents, representatives, and successors against all claims (including Lessor’s legal fees and costs from defending same) made by any other Lessee or any third party, which results from Lessee’s use of said premises including but not limited to the Lessee’s securing of this vessel or other negligent act.

4. Lessee will be responsible to the Lessor for the actions and behavior of his crew, guests, and any others present on the premises of the SAIL NEWPORT SAILING CENTER at the invitation of the Lessee. Docks and floats are occupied and used at the sole risk of the Lessee, his guests, and agents and servants. Lessee does hereby indemnify and hereby hold Lessor harmless against all action and expenses, including attorney fees in defending any actions, claims, lawsuits or otherwise arising from this paragraph or paragraph 5.

5. It is understood and agreed that the Lessor does not carry property damage or personal injury insurance on Lessee’s boat, car, or other property. All boats prior to entering the SAIL NEWPORT SAILING CENTER shall have in effect adequate insurance sufficient to cover in full value of the boat, liability or property damage insurance to cover any contingency. It is further understood and agreed that while Lessor has made every effort to provide a safe and comfortable sailing center and parking facility, the Lessor does not warrant the sailing center or parking facility as to merchantability or fitness in any manner. The Lessee agrees that Lessor is not responsible for any injury or damage or loss of equipment or use of the vessel or car to Lessee or his guests, from whatever cause. The Lessee agrees to save harmless, protect, and indemnify Lessor from and against any and all loss, costs, damage, claims, suits, actions at law, and judgments, including attorney’s fees, which may arise or grow out of any injury to, or death of, persons, damages to property, or any other matter or thing caused by Acts of God, fire, windstorm, explosion, flood, burglary, theft, actions of Lessor’s agents, defective equipment, or facilities or by any other casualty.

6. Lessee will operate his boat with due care for the safety of other boats, property, and persons and will be responsible for damages or injuries which he, his guests, agents or servants may cause to other persons, boats, or property in or about the SAIL NEWPORT SAILING CENTER.

7. Storms - The Lessee agrees to evacuate the property of the Lessor together with his vessel within 3 hours of the oral request of the Lessor to do so, since the Lessee understands that no such facility can guarantee/warrantee safety in abnormal conditions (i.e. flooding, high winds, high waves). It shall be the Lessee’s responsibility to remove the vessel. If Lessee does not cause vessel to be removed, it is stipulated that Lessor may do so, at full cost to Lessee, but with no responsibility of any nature on the part of the lessor. Lessor shall incur no liability for loss or damage to the vessel as a result of any action of Lessor’s causing Lessee’s vessel to be relocated at any other location.

8. Lessee agrees not to disturb, interfere with, or offend Lessor, other boat owners or their guests by creating any nuisances such as; throwing refuse onto docks or floating dock areas, hanging laundry on docks or boats, loud playing of radios, music systems or televisions, nor shall “For Sale” signs be displayed, etc. In addition, we advise you that DEM’s Division of Parks and Recreation rules and regulations are always enforced by state officials. It is clearly understood between the parties that the Executive Director of SAIL NEWPORT shall be the sole judge of whether any such action constitutes a nuisance and a breach of this paragraph. A breach of this paragraph shall constitute and immediate material breach of this agreement giving rise to immediate termination of this agreement.

9. In the event that bills are not paid when rendered by the Lessor to the Lessee for this dockage rental, the Lessee agrees to pay finance charges thereon at the RATE OF ONE AND ONE-HALF PERCENT (1-1/2%) PER MONTH (18%- per year). Lessee further agrees that in the event that any amounts due are referred to an attorney for collection, he will pay, in addition to the finance charges thereon, all collection charges and attorney’s fees.

10. Lessor shall have the right to terminate this Rental Agreement if the Executive Director of SAIL NEWPORT deems for any reason that the Lessee is in violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement in which event he shall exercise said right by oral notification to the Lessee. The Lessee shall vacate said Floating Dock or Pier forthwith and Lessor will refund a prorata share of the rental.

The Lessee agrees that the rules and regulations stated on the front and reverse sides hereof are a specific part of this contract and acknowledges having read such rules and regulations to be bound thereby. Entered into and between both parties set forth on the date and year written below.