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2017 Summer Storage Rates:

All rates are for seasonal contracted dates of 5/1/2017-10/15/2017.  Rates indicating hoist use include unlimited hoist use.  Square footage contracts and any contracts indicating ramp launch may use the hoist at member rates.


Large Spots (Can accommodate J24s, J70s, Etchells, Sonars and similar):  $1295 

Small Spots (Can accommodate VX One Designs, Skuds and similar): $1140


M32 $2750
Melges 32 $2320
Etchells, J80 $1180
J24, Melges 24, Sonar $1160
J22, J70, Melges 20 $1130
210, Star $995
Lightning, Flying Scot, Thistle $755
Lightning, Flying Scot, Thistle RAMP: $555
F16, F18, Flying Phantom: $645
Daysailers < 17' (no hoist use): $375
Dinghies on clamshells, mast up (no hoist) $250
Dinghies in grass lot, mast down (no hoist) $185
Optis in grass lot $100
Others (hoist use not included) $4.50/Square Foot
Rack (no hoist) $120

Summer Storage at Sail Newport is offered to all actively sailed sailboats for the term of May 1, 2017 to October 15, 2017. Sailboats MUST be kept on working trailers or dollies and we reserve the right to move any vessel at any time, most often for facility maintenance purposes. Sail Newport has available, use of two single-point hoists (fees can be included in your summer storage, membership, or hoist-pack fees), which have capacities of two tons and three tons.  We also have a gin pole available for public use.  We are an owner-operator facility, so be sure to plan to have a capable crew with you for your launching, hauling and rigging needs. 

Any and all questions regarding sailboat storage and/or facilities can be sent to Nick Mauprivez.

Rates are based on length overall x max beam (width). The basic rate is $4.50 sq./ft. for summer, not including any hoist fees. Please see below for specific rates applying to specific one-design classes.

North Dry-sail Area vs. South Dry-sail Area:

Our North Dry-sail Area is the paved, painted lot closest to the Admiral's Pier (our hoist pier).  Our South Dry-sail Area is the gravel and clam-shell area directly behind our Activities Building (aka Main Office).  The South Yard will be organized by group to consolidate traffic to specific areas based on which nights each class's series will sail.  The North Dry-sail Area is reserved for one-design class boat owners who sail regularly in local season-long racing series.  If you have any question as to whether you fall into this category, please call Nick at (401)846-1983 before filling out a contract.  Please be sure to fill out your contract correctly indicating which area you want to store in.  Space is limited in both yards, so take care in completing your storage contract such that you are placed in your desired area.

Please feel free to read over the contract for 2017 and email or call us with any questions: nick.mauprivez@sailnewport.org, (401)846-1983 ext 127

 Land Storage 2017
1. STORAGE RATES: Sail Newport (hereafter referred to as “SN”), will make available an area for storage of my vessel. I agree to pay SN for the use of the storage space and all incidental charges, including but not limited to hauling and mast removal. All charges will be paid at the time this contract is executed.
2. TERM: All privileges under this contract expire on October 15, 2017. I hereby grant SN a special Power of Attorney for the limited purpose of removing and relocating all vessels, cradles, and other property left in the area beyond the termination date of this contract, at my sole risk and expense. SN reserves the right to relocate boats at SN’s discretion.
a. Payment: Payment for contracted dates is due at the time of arrival of my vessel for herein contracted dates.
b. Holding Over After Expiration of Term: If I fail to remove the vessel by the expiration of the term, I understand that I will thereafter be charged at the posted daily transient rate for the vessel. A Minimum of $25 per day will be charged for any vessel or trailer left in the Sail Newport Facility after the termination date of this contract.
c. Use: Sail Newport offers seasonal storage to actively sailed vessels.  Actively sailed is herein defined by Sail Newport as a minimum of once-a-month use. 
3. INDEMNITY: I agree to indemnify SN against all claims, actions, proceedings, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees, arising from or connected with my possession and use of the storage space, including expenses incurred in the removal from the premises of my vessel or other property.
4. WARRANTY: SN makes no representation regarding the condition or safety of any storage facility. I agree to hold harmless, protect and indemnify SN from and against any and all loss, costs, damage, claims, suits, action at law and judgment, including attorney’s fees, which may arise out of any injury to or death of person, damage or loss of property, whether caused by acts of God, fire, windstorm, explosion, flood, burglary, theft, or otherwise.
5. INSURANCE: I agree to maintain liability and owner’s hull insurance on my boat during the storage period. Storage is accepted at my sole risk.
6. HOIST USE: I agree to supply my own lifting strap / bridle and understand that use of the Sail Newport Hoist Facilities is at my own risk.
7. MAINTENANCE: I will keep the storage area clean and litter free. Nothing will be stored therein without prior written permission from SN. I understand and accept that damages will be assessed against me for any damages to the storage areas, including but not limited to damages to the storage area from my working on my vessel without a ground cover. No employment of outside commercial labor will be permitted by SN, save the work done under warranty, without first notifying and providing SN with an adequate certificate of insurance and prior approval.
8. SALE OF VESSEL: The posting of “For Sale” signs is prohibited.
9. RULES AND REGULATIONS: SN reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this agreement from time to time, and to make or change reasonable rules and regulations for the operation of the storage area; however, the stated charge shall not be changed during the term of this agreement. I agree to abide by the following and any additional rules and regulations of SN.
a. Storage: Vessels not stored on the racks are required to be stored on either a trailer or dolly to facilitate moving the vessel by Sail Newport staff, if required. Trailers and dollies shall be in good condition and clearly marked with the vessel owner’s name. Everything shall be removed from the premises no later than October 15, 2017.
b. Stickers: Storage sticker must be affixed to vessel/trailer by staff member upon arrival for storage. Any boats without an up-to-date sticker will be removed at my expense.
c. Hazardous Activities: There shall be no burning, lighting of stoves, running of engines, use of electric or oil heaters or any flammable material used in the SN storage area(s). There shall not be any powerwashing or sanding of bottom paint in Sail Newport Storage areas. All electrical cords must be disconnected when unsupervised.
d. Halyards: All halyards must be tied away from the mast at all times.
e. Waste Oil: I accept responsibility for all oil discharges related to my vessel. Waste oil may not be discarded into SN provided dumpsters, or anywhere within the Ft. Adams State Park Property.
f. Parking: I understand that parking is prohibited in the dry sail areas. I will park in available, designated parking areas only.
g. Launching Ramp Use: I understand that the ramp and entrance is to be used for launching and retrieval of vessels. I will not rig, derig or park in this area.
h. Dock Use: I understand that docks are provided for temporary use only. I will abide by time limits posted by written notice.
i. All Outside Commercial Labor: Must register upon entering and leaving SN premises and present a certificate of insurance satisfactory to SN prior to the starting of any work. They must also conduct their activities in a safe and clean fashion, leaving SN premises in the same condition as when they arrived. The Boat Owner shall be responsible for all actions or negligence of all outside labor in accordance with item #7 and the Statutory and Common Law of the State of Rhode Island. The SN Manager has FINAL determination on whether to permit commercial labor, and to impose reasonable regulations.
10. COLLECTION: Boat Owner agrees that in the event that any amount due SN is referred to an attorney for collection, he will pay, in addition to interest thereon (at 1.5% per month), and all collection charges including reasonable attorney’s fees.